Can't copy materials to other objects

For some reason I can’t copy an object’s material to another one. I’ve tried selecting the object I want to inherit the material first and the one with the material I wanted copied last, I’ve pressed Ctrl + L and selected Material in both Object and Edit Mode - nothing. And I’ve tried selecting an object I want to inherit first, and the one with the material I want last and gone to Material Specials - the drop-down arrow for a material - and selected Copy Material to Selected. Nada. It works for a couple of objects in my scene, but the objects I want it to work on, it doesn’t. :-\

did you select the objects in the outliner? might it be that the target object is set to invisible? or the collection it is inside? otherwise it should work.

Yep, all objects and collections are visible and the two objects are highlighted in the Outliner.

In Object Mode select object that you want to add material to.Shift and.then object that has material…then Control+L and Select Materials…
If it only works for a couple objects and not one then we need to see the blend file to find the problem…

Maybe you can strip the blend file down to only the 2 objects in question or so? Otherwise I have no idea, because I cannot reproduce it. Might be just a glitch in current Blender 2.8, though.

I can’t even get it working with one object, let alone a couple. Objects nearest to the camera do inherit a material, but it ends up being the wrong one. If you load up my attached save from my kitchen scene, apply a coloured material to one of the drawers, and then try and apply it to another drawer, you’ll see the problem I’m having.
If you try to apply it to an object nearest to the camera, such as a plate or something, it ends up inheriting the black material from the drawer’s handle, even if you make the handle a separate object and don’t select it.

tap_coil.7z (928.3 KB)

Works as expected for me, both in my own defaults and when using your included UI.
Copying from drawer to bottom pot, all material slots are copied even if target doens’t have any slots.
I can make the caserolle dishes stand out, and copy that over to all the plates next to it.

Can you copy a material between drawers? Say, if you set a drawer to have a coloured material, can you get that to copy to each of them? It was the drawers where I noticed the problem.

Yes, but… If you want to make a new material “drawer”, you have to assign that to the faces you want it on. Currently it has three material slots, all used by the handle. When I copy, I copy the material slots over, but not what material is assigned. Since the drawers are unique meshes, you have to assign the material to the faces manually. Alternatively you can copy object data instead. Now the mesh is shared. If you want them to be unique users again (have their own mesh), you can go to object data and use click to make single user.

You can select the object with the Materials you want (may need to be visible), so that the materials are listed in the Materials Pane, then select the object you want to paste them to while the materials are still in the Materials Pane, then click the arrow on the right and choose “Copy Material to Selected”