Can't create objects...

I realize this sounds incredibly dumb and noobish, but I can’t create any new objects. At some point, Blender stopped putting the camera and light source objects into new files, and when that happened i stopped being able to add objects. When I try to add an object, it switches to edit mode like it should but I can’t see or manipulate the object.
Any ideas?

i’m not sure, but it sounds like you may have changed the user defaults. this is done by using hotkey ‘ctrl U’. To switch back to the default setup, go into your blender directory ( the folder that blender installed into, probably C>program files>blender foundation>blender>.blender ) and look for a file called .B.blend, and delete it. Don’t worry, It will come back the next time you use blender, but this should restore your settings to the default. It may sound a bit weird, but trust me, this is standard procedure.

that’s better, i was kinda scared for a second there. thanks alot