Can't create procedural texture of water coral

Hi everyone!
There is a coral that I want to recreate with procedural textures.

I’ve used Musgrave texture to create same effect, and I think that I need Noise to add edges along the paths of this coral.

I’m not very strong in procedurals, so it would be nice if someone will help me.

Here is the link to *.blend

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

The underlying pattern is quite easy to achieve using Musgrave texture, a color ramp and microdisplacement

Getting the smaller bumps may be more difficult to do procedurally as you need the smaller bumps to align with the underlying macro structure - and i’m not sure the musgrave texture contains enough information to drive this alignment. I’ll have a think.

Wow, moony! That’s so cool and so simple. :smiley: Thank you!

I’ve tried to add some effects with noise, but this is the only result that i’ve got :frowning:

Try something like this:

Thanks for help, moony! This is the final result thanks to your help. It doesn’t look like what I wanted at the beginning, but I like it, so I will use it. :slight_smile: