Can't Download Makehuman 1.8b?

I’ve been working on a game for a few friends, and since I’m not that good at blendering, its a simple thing. I’ve however been trying to get makehuman to make my models for playable people. I’ve been trying to use the links from the download pages on this page But when I go to download anything from there I get a blank pages and no download. I use the savetarget as to try something diffrent, it trys to save as an html file. I change that to zip and that does not work either. So why is it that I can not download makehuman 1.8b?

Thank you in advance

makehuman is going to have way to many faces for a game engine. it is more for animation. but if you want to use makehuman get the latest version here

then read this 3 part tutorial by penix.

you can easily use the Built In Poly Reducer script, several times then bake your high poly textures to low poly model to reduce size for games.
useful for old & new versions.
In Make Human Proto, (the next version),
I hear that low poly export will be possible.

Ok I got the script for makehuman 1.8b for my blender 2.42a or 2.48.1 what ever you prefer to call it. I put all the contents from the RAR file into my .blender scripts directory. But when I go to load the base.mesh, it has an error, saying check the console. I end up with some funkey triangle thing… Its really weird, anything I may have done wrong?

hi, you may need python 2.5.2 to run this script.
did you try the .blend file?
everything should work if you follow the instructions.
make human leaves a config. file in Blender’s main directory.
you can delete this to reinstall.
Oh also recent changes mean you cannot have the targets pack folder or make target folder anywhere in .blender/scripts.
you may need to put it in the plugins folder instead.
I just tested the .blend with vista 32bit Blender 2.48a.
This script is hosted by me, it’s main use is for a nostalgic view of script capabilities & a historical account of the Make Human software. It is a very old script.

Please use Make Human 0.91 from
it has far better topology, & is by far a superior program.

Will do, Thanks people:yes:

Uh oh issue, the rig that went into blender with the model, It moves the model like gum on a shoe, It doesnt pick up all of it and when moved it slowly loses what little it has picked up. So now whats wrong with its armture system