Can't edit my first post to change my topic thumbnail picture

Hello blender community!

I started a WIP here:

And I would like to update the thumbnail seen in the list of topics, there:

I found that I could do that by editing my first post and change the first picture with the one that I want to show as a thumbnail.

However, I can’t see any button to edit my post anywhere…?
Am I too new as a user of the forum to be able to edit my own posts?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Nodragem - look for the “pencil” icon below your original post - clicking that will allow you to edit the post. I believe that if a certain amount of time has passed (not sure how long) the edit option may disappear.
See attached image below.
Hope that helps!



as a new user, you may not edit your posts after 24 hours have passed (see this breakdown.

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Thank you for your reply!
It’s been way longer than 24h that I created the first post (Dec 2020) and still don’t see the pen icon.
So I believe this is not solved yet :slightly_frowning_face: