Can't Export Textures To Collada DAE


Since upgrading to Blender v2.68a from v2.62 textures I haven’t been able to export textures when exporting Collada DAE models. This was not previously a problem. My textures appear when rendered, but not exported, the <library_images> element is totally empty. This is how I’ve been adding textures:

  • Select faces texture > Unwrap
  • In UV/Image Editor, Image > Open Image, choose an image file
  • In 3D View, select the current material, click on ‘Textures’ tab
  • Select ‘Add new texture’, set ‘Type’ to ‘Image or Movie’, under ‘Image’ select the image opened in UV Editor,
    under ‘Mapping’ set ‘Coordinate’ to ‘UV’ and select the UV Map used.

In both v2.62 and v2.68 the textures render fine but only get exported in v2.62.

Can someone please help explain how to get the textures to export in v2.68a?

What .dae export settings are you using ?

Have you enabled the texture options ?

Didn’t think to check the export options, selecting ‘Include Material Textures’ worked.

Thanks for your help.