Can't extrude bezier curve

I’ve created a bezier curve, and nothing happens when I try to extrude it. Ekey does nothing, and extrude in the curve menu also does nothing. I tried converting to Poly, but still nothing.

What am I missing?


The E-Key extrude works only for the Front and Back CV’s and gives the same result as Ctrl-LMB. The real Extrude for Curves is under the Width field.

If you want to Extrude like in Mesh then use a Surface NURB.


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the covert to mesh/poly ([alt]+[c]) should have created an object you could extrude using [e].

BTW extrude will only work in edit mode [tab] on selected vertices. If all vertices are not selected by default select [a]

I finally got it.

"the covert to mesh/poly ([alt]+[c]) should have created an object you could extrude using [e]. "

I think this only works in object mode, when the convert to poly button isn’t available! I tried it in edit mode repeatedly with frustration… Finally hit alt ckey in obj mode and voila


I’m trying to do the same thing but this bezier curve seems to have a lot of extras once converted (i.e. those little control arms you can drag around to shape the bezier also get converted and so you end up with a line…each vertice on the curve having two little branches on it)

Anyway, I know how to get rid of all the extra lines and nodes in the branches:

  • In edit mode, Alt-RMB select a line segment…the whole line gets selected but not the branches.
  • grab this line and move it: GZ10 The branches get stretched as the converted bezier moves away.
  • Select all branch nodes with either box select, B, or brush select BB, and delete the vertices
  • Move the curve back. GZ-10.
  • :RocknRoll:


These bezier curves have a LOT of vertices! :eek: Is there any way to reduce the number of nodes that are created??? I’m trying to just get a simple curve (normally 2-3 nodes on a simple bezier). I sketch one and end up trying to merge a whole bunch of them so I can more easily reshape the curve.

Anyone know how to automatically reduce the complexity of these curves or their conversion to mesh objects?

Before you convert to mesh, you want to hit F9 and look for “DefResolU.” By default it’s set to 12. Make this number lower, and you’ll get fewer verts on conversion to mesh.

But don’t forget that meshes don’t actually curve; it’s creating so many vertices because it wants to approximate a smooth curve. All of those verts are there before you convert, they’re just hidden, and controlled by bezier handles.