Cant figure out Fluid Problems

Hi everyone,
I have been trying to get the fluid simulation to work but my fluid just goes through my cup. I have done many tutorials about 20 times and the result is the same. My water flows through the cup. i have enabled Init Volume, Init Shell and Both and rebaked for each to see if that was the case but no. I also recalculated normals for my cup but the fluid still goes through it. Im stumped. Any suggestions from anyone would be great. I love the fluid feature, i just cant get it to interact with anything other than a cube. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks to all in advance.

You might have the glass being too thin. You can use another object that has thicker walls for the simulation and then use the glass for the final. Also make sure you have a high enough resolution for the world domain.

The glass actually a bowl is a bit thick. If i use another object for the simulation it has to be the same shape as the glass right? Also on the tutorials that i have seen the resolution is set to 50 or 64 and it seems to come out fine on the tutorial. There must be something im missing i just dont know what.

Try posting in the support forums and post your blend file. I’m sure people will help you figure it out.

The cup needs to be defined as a collision object and has to be in the same layer as the fluid.