cant fill faces to make a sink

im following this tutorial

and im at step 17 where you have to fill the faces to make the sink but for some reason when i press shit+F it doesnt do anything at all neither does alt+j I followed the tutorial and even restarted a couple times just to see if i did something wrong.

here is the .blend file


Kitchen.blend (141 KB)

“Fill” only works on a closed polygon…you must apply the “modifier”, probably?!

can you show a pic of a sink

i did one ounce with a 1/2 uvsphere then scale along X

but it depends on the shape you need for the sink i guess

happy blendering

yeah i did apply the modifier. I used half the vertices from a 16 vert circle and then extruded them along the x and y axis and then mirrored all of them along the x and y axis and them connected them to make an ovalish shape. heres a pic


here is an example with 1/2 sphere

very easy to do and all facea are already done!

see pic

happy blendering

so you just used a UV sphere and delted half the vertices to make a kind of bowl shape? that sounds like a good idea.


then you still have to scale along let say X axis

and that will giove you an approximative sink shape
then you can shape th edge to give it a round shape make hole for handles hoel for the drain ect…

and see the pic it looks nice !

then youo have to add some hardware ect… to complete the model like i did

good luck

Are you sure you followed the example correctly?

Your sink is an oval in two parts, and the tutorial shows an oblong in four parts, with differently placed vertices. If you don’t follow the tutorial accurately you can’t expect the action to behave the same.

yeah i followed it the best i could i even restarted a couple times just to make sure. Reading the comments other people seemed to have problems with making the sink as well. One thing i noticed is that on my sink when i went to mirror the half circle the mirrored one was connected to the original.

I also made the counter top with no problems but now for some reason i cannot select it in order to change it a little.

Well this is what I get when I follow steps 11 to 17, so I figure you must be doing something wrong.

sink.blend (88.3 KB)

rawr i guess i am im going to retry it again

EDIT: this is what i get after i apply the mirror modifier as opposed to what the tutorial shows Also when i press F nothing happens

i attached a screenshot


Oh, well…in your scene, the “modifier” couldn’t be “well applied” , because the mirrored lines are overlapping, so the resulting polygon is still “open”.
You must manually weld the vertices and then use the “fill” function.

how can i make it well applied. did i do something wrong?

Select the two extremities points and move them near the previous ones.
Then enable the “Do Clipping” button
Then move the points again to the “mirror” direction, you’ll notice that they stop when
they touch each other!
Now when “applying” the line will be close…I hope!

thank you so much! Like you said my problem was that it wasnt closed off. I uased do clipping before i connected the vertices.