Can't find hotkey in order to change it

I’m new to Blender (using 2.57) following the Noob to Pro tutorial. Currently I’m on the part practicing editing meshes using Proportional Editing.

When editing the mesh with Proportional Editing enabled, you get a sphere of influence whose size you can control with the Mousewheel or PageUp/Down. However for me, the mousewheel works in reverse (wheelup = reducing the size of the sphere), I want wheelup to Increase the sphere size.

I’ve been unsuccessful in locating where the hotkey or mapping is for that function so I can reverse it (Googling/forum searches have returned nothing) I’ve changed every hotkey under Preferences->Input related to 3D or editing that used either Mousewheel Up/Down or PageUp/Down but nothing changed the behavior of the mousewheel on the sphere of influence?

Does anyone know how to change that setting, or is it (unfortunately) hard-coded into Blender?


EDIT: I just noticed the mousewheel is also reversed when using the Circle Select tool (CKEY), but with no way to change it either.

I also have this. But for me it isn’t an issue (whatsoever) I jsut deal with it.

Although, I’m not sure that mousewheel is even “controllable” yet. Of course, I am not sure.
If it isn’t (need confermation) I think it would be something nice to tell Ton about. Maybe even alongside sensitivity and being able to define radius values. (Currently they are only controlled by hand, which gets…interesting results. The is no “Exact” proprtional editing)

It never really occurred to me though…