Can't find user of image datablock

There’s an image datablock I’d like to kick out of my .blend file, but apparently it has a user.

How do I figure out what material/node/thing is using it?


Is there any place in Blender where you select a datablock and then Blender lists which materials are using it? I can’t find anything that’s using it, but Blender insists that there’s one user (not a fake user).

one sure fire way to get rid of excess materials is to append objects to a new blend, leaving behind whatever it was that was holding the material.

That’s my problem. How do I know what to leave behind?

Outliner search field might reveal whereabouts. It should be listed there at least.

I have not tried this, since I have not had this problem, but you could give a new object this image texture an then select linked texture from the select menu. HTH. Then you will have (hopefully) the mystery item selected as well.

The way data blocks are managed, manageable in blender and its outliner is simply outrageous.


Load the image in a “UV/Editor” window then “Shift+click” on the “X” icon in the header to get rid of the image datablock.

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OK EnV, but that’s incredible that one cannot know where/how that image was used.


That solves my problem.

Since it’d still be nice if we could figure out how to find users, I’ll leave this marked as an open problem.

I’m trying this out … um, is there a way in the outliner to jump to an object I have selected?

View - Show Active (or dot on numpad)? With cursor in Outliner of course.

I’ve tried that, and it does nothing.

Say I have one object is parented to another. I select the child, then hit “.” with cursor in the Outliner and nothing happens. I don’t see anything - nothing to indicate who is the parent of the selected child, nothing.

:frowning: This is how i see it

And it jumps right in the middle of the visible part of Outliner.

Totally different question… but children should be listed indented and under their parents.

DruBan, do you mean that the parent should automatically expand to show the selected child object, when Show Active is called?
If so I agree, it should be suggested to the Devs.

And BTW, those selected round icons in the outliner should be more visible (and customizable) IMO.


Oh … ok … my outliner is large enough to contain all the objects in the scene that’s why it does nothing.

Is there a way to expand the parent-child tree in order to display the selected object?

If you hit + on numpad before dot, it will open levels and centre view on selected. That’s probably it.

Ah that’s a way of doing it.
Thank you.

It’d be nice if “.” brought you to an expanded tree (without expanding everything else) - then you can actually “see” it #IfIWereKing

Well, unfortunately that’s 2 keys: “+” then “.”
You can keep Outliner window sized just enough to see the hierarchy. Those 2 keys bring it open and selected in the view.
“-” obviously closes levels.
As i understand it, blender can hold some complicated hierarchies: such a simple approach might be not so pleasing but gets things done quick not involving a lot of artificial intelligence to crawl these. I might be wrong though.