cant find UV Calculation panel

Hi, completely new to Blender; want to use it to apply textures to basic models and use their rendered images in photoshop CS6, but unable to locate the UV Calculation panel mentioned in the Manual; I simply need to make the texture 9 (a JPG image) appear the same on every plane, nothing fancy, just an image to add depth to Photoshop; when I render a simple Box Projection from Blender the image only shows on one plane of the object; any advice? I obviously need to tweak, maybe reset UVs? Just going off what I can find online.

The UV options are in the operator panel at the bottom of the toolshelf (shortcut T) after you have done an unwrap operation (shortcut U)

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Thanks for your reply Richard; are you referring to the UVsbutton on the panel; its just that it appears different to theUv Calculation` panel shown in the Blender Manual, dont know if the manual refers to an older version?

hello, sorry, new to these forums, posted a reply but it seems to have vanished; are you referring to the UVs` button? Just seems different to the panel shown in the manual, is the manual out of date?