Can't get Blender to work correctly with my keyboard

I use a Microsoft ABNT2 keyboard and Blender just doesn’t recognize the existence of some keys. I’ve been using a custom keymap with different shortcuts for missing keys and numpad to work around it, but that’s annoying. :worried:

Did I miss a “keyboard layout” option in the preferences or something?

Are these not working keys work in other applications?
Which are the keys that dont work?

So far it’s the / ? [ { } ] keys. They work everywhere else, Blender is the only software in a long time I’ve seem acting weird with this layout. And when I say “weird”, it’s weird weird. :joy:

ANSI vs ABNT2 layout comparison

I can write [ ] on inputs and textareas like labels and the scripting panel now (I couldn’t on 2.79), but default shortcuts using them fail. I just tried to set the brush size hotkeys to the exact keys they’re supposed to be ( [ to decrease and ] to increase) and Blender thinks [ = ] and ] = /.


It’s like if the keymap <> keyboard and inputs <> keyboard interactions used different keyboard layouts (and neither works perfectly, the inputs just see more keys). This doesn’t look good, might be an actual bug instead of me failing to configure Blender correctly.

Seems the same problem like this reported before:
Some keys are a problem an other languages too, task is still open.

Looks like you have to use a more compatible layout.

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Thanks for the heads up, looks like one of my issues.

Eh… the only way to use a more compatible keyboard is importing one from US. :laughing:

Taking a long hard look at the layouts tells me Blender uses the US version for mapping the physical keys no matter the keyboard you’re using, so probably everyone not using an ANSI keyboard is going through the same issues. I’ll share my test findings at that bug report and cross my fingers they work it out.