Can't get envmap to work for a mirror on ONE object...

(nicruzer) #1

I’m very new to Blender, but I’ve learned much in the last few weeks with all of the available tutorials on the net. However, I can’t get a logo I created to be reflected by anything. I believe I have all of the settings correct to be able to create a proper mirror, including:

  1. Proper placement of empty, per Ingiebee’s tutorial and other postings
  2. Proper rendering options for the plane (i.e., setting it in layer 2 and not rendering layer 2 for the envmap. I’ve even borrowed other people’s scenes and imported my logo just to see if I’ve done something wrong!)
  3. Sufficient lighting

I would be glad to email the file to anyone who might be willing to take a look at this one.

My apologies if I am missing the obvious and if this is an elementary post. (I’ve got to start somewhere, right?)


(pofo) #2

Sounds weird :o

I’m no reflection guru but I’d like to take a look at your file, my mail is below.

(Unless there is a bunch of great solutions posted before you read this of course ;))

  1. pofo

(BgDM) #3

hmm… definitely sounds weird!

Did you set the envmap texture to ADD and REFL in the material settings as well? If not, it may not show up properly.

If all else fails, I wouldn’t mind seeing it as well.

email me here: [email protected]

(Dittohead) #4

What is the name of the empty?

at the texture window of the mirror the name typed in is CASE SENSITIVE. this cought me the first time i did envmap.

(nicruzer) #5

Thank you all for your kind replies.

I have verified that I have named the “Ob:” correctly in the EnvMap settings, as “Empty.” I have also attempted various and sunder settings in the materials section as well. Some tutorials say to click “Csp” and “Mir” while others suggest “Ref”. Other tutorials mention to click “Add” while still others mention nothing about that setting.

When importing this logo to other, more successful, files containing proper mirror reflections, I’ve attempted to set the material of the logo to a “successful” material from another object in the scene, changing nothing. I am perplexed!

(Nahtanoj) #6

did you create the environment map before you added the Logo that you want to reflect? as if you did and you still don’t see any change maybe its because you are using a static environment map as opposed to an animated one. I fell for this once and it took me ages before I noticed it.
To solve it you can either click the anim button in the textures window or else simply click the free data button.

I can’t think of anything else that the others haven’t suggested above.

(pofo) #7

I think there really was something weird with the object, changing layers for it seems to fix it though (even if you change it back).

  1. pofo

(nicruzer) #8

Just when you thought you’ve tried everything… :-? Wouldn’t life be boring without mystery?

Thanks a lot, pofo!