Can't get keyframes to work right in animation

I have a D20 (A 20 sided dice)
I want this D20 to be animated. I want it to roll into the scene, and land on a 20. And I’ve done this.

However, the slightest change in ANYTHING in my scene (even camera angles or textures) causes the physics of the rigid body to recalculate and give me a different effect. I’d do it by hand, but I cannot achieve the same randomness and realism as the realish physics.

My goal was to just “record” one that I liked into keyframes and badaboom badabing.

Unfortunantley, this is not going well. Apparently “recording” to keyframes is acheived by activating some junk in the game engine and it bakes to F curves. While standard rigid body gave exactly what I want, the keyframes I got via hitting “P” in game engine gave me a spastic shape that appeared in frame like twice.

Help, please? I’m new to animation I tried everything. I even got so desperate as to duplicate the D20, turn off rigid on the duplicate, PARENT the duplicate to the orig, and just spam “I” and “LOCROTSCALE” on the duplicate thinking it would just manually key everything. That also did not work.

Again, my goal is to (A) have a spinning D20 roll onto the scene (B) have it bounce and do random stuff, much like throwing in in real life, and © land with the 20 facing up.

I won’t package my texture into the scene, because the last part is an easy texture adjustment. I just need help getting this thing to work.

P.S, any comments on how brilliant or stupid my “Die thrower” is would be appreciated too lol.D20_033.blend (1.29 MB)

Blender Render. In Scene / Rigid Body Cache you can bake your rigid body simulation.

If you actually want to then convert this bake to keyframes select the object and hit spacebar. Search for Bake and select ‘Bake to Keyframes’. Set the frame range and press OK

I love you.
Thank you so much.
That is EXACTLY what I was looking for.