Can't get my Blender painted texture to import to Unity

I’m working on a low poly model of HAL 9000 as an avatar for a friend’s game.

Everything works great, but I cant get the paint I did on the red eye to show up after I import it to unity 5.1. I UV mapped the half of a sphere that I was painting on and then painted about 10 differing shades and sizes of red/orange onto the front of it to represent the eye. I saved an image of the UV paint job and applied it to a texture. Nothing i do seems to carry over when I export it to a .obj.

I used the exact same process when I designed the eyes for an Owl avatar last month. I had some trouble getting those to work but I cant remember what I did exactly that fixed it and the settings look exactly the same when I compare them.

Ill upload the .blend file from the model and its .png image. Let me know if you need to look at the .obj.

Thanks for any help you can give. I promised a guy I know id make this model for his birthday coming up on Thursday 7/2. I figured id be easy as long as I followed the same settings I used for my owl.

-AzimuthOwlFINAL.blend (625 KB)HAL_6_New_Eye_EMIT_0.blend (600 KB)

How the model should look for reference:

How it looks in Blender rendered mode:

Why do you export it as an OBJ? Unity can read directly from the blend file?
Alternatively (because that does crash from time to time), but try exporting it as FBX. I’ve never had any trouble using that

Two files - no textures whatsoever. File - External Data - Automatically pack. Save file.

The way their avatar importer works is you include a .obj, .mtl and any PNGs that go with them. Enabling automatically pack doesn’t seem to have done anything.

I always save as fbx and don’t have any trouble. Import the textures into Unity before the model though.

Hmmm… I’ve had my fair share with Autopacking software, they rarely work. Can’t you check on their forums for a workaround?
Or see what it will take to do it manually?

I see there’s some kind of confusion/misunderstanding concerning my previous remark.
OP posted files were meant to be used to check what could have possibly gone wrong and if the error is present on other users ends, right?
Then, i do not see any sense of posting blend file containing only mesh data and no textures if the problem is material export. That’s all.
“File - External Data - Automatically pack. Save file.” (using Blender’s menu) is how one makes texture images available in posted blend file.