Can't get my leaves transparent!

Hi, yes, new here.
Having a lot of fun Blending! I’m working on a scene for my rocket. During a quick little journey through the countryside on the way to my rocket there are trees. I found some free trees.3ds and imported one. Everything is there, but the leaves look like postcards with leaves printed on them. I checked in the “Texture” and the alpha is working and example shows transparent but “Material” does not… leaf with a white background.

Any ideas what I can do?

Thanks for your help!


Check that you have transparency turned on for the material, and if you use Z Transparency, turn down your alpha on the material settings.

Hello Craig, Thanks, I did that but only got bare trees.

Is it shadows and specular ? You can see these with the z trans. You can turn of shadows in material and adjust the light shadows. and adjust the spec in materials.
Im not sure what your going for? Ray transparent will leave a contour look.

This leaf texture you have, is it one image or two images with color and alpha map?

.tiff with alpha. The leaf in the Texture tab shows up as just the leaf with no background showing, i.e. invisible. I also tried a .png of the same leaf… same result. I’ll try what “Kazinger” suggested and get back.

If you have a broadband connection I suggest you watch this tutorial

Part 4/5: Low Poly Tree Modeling in Blender

In the timeline watch from 14.01 onwards and pay special attention at 19.01 onwards. It might help.

Cheers :slight_smile:

EDIT: This might help only in case you are using Blender 2.49

upload the tiff image here, then you can get direct help how to use it.
Maybe its realy an image without alpha-channel and you need to switch on the calculation of alpha …
or … because you noted the 3d-model is free, post the link you used …

next, there are a lot of postings with examples how to use images (normaly jpg or png, but thats not crucial) and in the tutorial section there are special videos to explain how to load “images as planes” (like to have flat architectural addons like people, trees, etc. from images with transparency = alpha-channel).

Sorry, I’ve been off the computer a few days and now have the chance to check all this out!
I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks.

Thanks for the workflow, it came out as you said it would.
But the leaves still rendered as postcards.
I think it must have been the mesh and some linking within that’s conflicting.

I downloaded Arbaro
Free Java script that makes trees! Works like a champ!

Thanks everybody for your help, I’ve learned more!

Pictures soon…

Chek this way!