Can't get the eyes right...

I’m modeling a character for… something… sorry I don’t want to say (but you could probably guess from the picture). I think everything else is looking pretty good, except the eyes… I can’t get the eyes to look right, they look too Asian (I don’t have anything against Asians, it’s just not the look I’m aiming to get).

Oh and it’s expressionless at this point. The mouth is open because it’s just easier to make it that way.


Have you tried googling for references? That is how I get mine to look good when I model. Or you can just look at your own face in the mirror, where do your eyes curve sharply? Where don’t they? From this and a photographic reference, it really helps when modeling.

Data is surprised :slight_smile:

I’m no expert, but I think they should be wider toward the outside - the bottom lid goes almost straight across.


Unless you are Asian, look at your eyes in the mirror and shape them like those.

Also, drop the eyes and pull out the ridge of the nose a bit.

Aside from the mirror advise … make the eyes a little rounder, and more ‘droopy’ on the outer edges.


I’d already done a little bit that helped it right after I posted here, but there was still something missing. I tried your advice about moving the eyes down, and that worked like a charm!

Also, I tried looking in the mirror, but it was once of those “I can’t quite put my finger on it” sort of things.