Can't get the rig to respond in game engine

I have a low poly mesh on a rigify rig and it works fine in animation and default mode. Though when I go into game logic/ game engine and add controls to it, the rig will not respond to the controls. I have tried different rigs, I have tried redoing the controls differently and to no avail, the rig just doesn’t respond in game logic/game engine mode.

I am sure it is something super simple that I am looking over, but I am new to blender and really honestly need help. Thanks in advance.

Here is a link to the file. >>>>>> <<<<<<<

Add an Armature modifier above the subsurf modifier

Also, you need

Delay 0 no repeat-------and------run armatue

Could you explain what you mean? I’m sorry if what you said was obvious, I just don’t follow.

Thanks that fixed it right up! Simple mistake but at least I know now! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question so quickly.