Can't get water to flow from inflow cube

I am trying to follow a tutorial here: When I first baked, the water flowed only a little bit after the bake was finished. Now I can’t get the water to flow at all. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Blend file:


You have switched your domain and inflow objects. On both obejcts apply the scale, select ctrl-a ‘scale’

inflow object, change type to inflow, change volume intiitlaixzation to ‘both’ change x velecity to about 3
domain object, change type to ‘domain’ change resolution to 90 or more, change viewport display to ‘final’

bake it

Thanks for responding. I still have a problem with the water not reaching the end of the land before the set time frames end (150). How do I fix this?


To let the water reach the end you can adjust the end time and/or the speed in the domain object fluid settings. Try setting time at 30 and speed at 2.

Okay. Thanks. I had to go back and change time frame to 600 because I want to make an animation when I’m done. So I changed the end time to 25 (24 fps x 25 = 600) with a speed of 2. It seems to work with those settings when I baked with 90 resolution. Now I’m waiting for it to bake with a 200 resolution. That takes much longer. Part of my problem was not changing the viewport display to final. Also, the issues cited by Photox above.