Can't install 2.83 on linux (KDE Neon)

I’m using KDE Neon and I can’t get Blender 2.83 to install from the PPA
Whenever I add the ppa, it’s not actually showing up in Discover’s settings, perhaps unrelated bug, though it’s showing up in sources.list

When I’m trying to install the version from the PPA, I get an error (trimmed down):

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
blender : Depends: python3:any (>= 3.7~)
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

I need to make this work so I can test the new version of Spritify
The snap and flatpack versions of 2.83 work fine, but they have their issues with installing add-ons, as the directories are read-only, typical problem for software running in virtualization.

Any suggestions are welcomed!

Just in case. Do you know that to avoid this kind of problem it is recommended that you use official builds downloaded from the Blender site?

You must unpack the file to a new folder, enter that folder and execute “blender” file there (double click)

Then in KDE it is really easy to create launchers pointing to that “blender” file.

Their way of supporting linux feels like the 90’s.
Only thing worse than that would be to ask people to compile themselves from source…
Might eventually go for it (once again), but it’s kinda meh that it doesn’t auto update and such.

Anyway, found out that it was actually that version of the add-on that was being faulty.
So the snap/flatpack and even steam versions should to just fine with add-ons I guess :slight_smile: