Cant load math module (blenderplayer)

Hi i have problem with blender player version 2.58 in Linux. In blender embed player importing the math module works in python console (terminal) it works too. but when i export the game to an executable it wont load the math module… so another pain in the ass with the 2.5x series…

for some reason the blenderplayer doesn’t recognize, bundled python. So basically python is broken in 2.58

so i have to wait for new version?

Maybe a graphicall build might work. i didn’t tried any… but i would have build a custom one myself for now or use the 2.57a instead.

eh even the 2.57a wont work for me…

I’m not sure how the runtime is exported on linux, but is python exported along side the binary, i.e, is there a “lib” folder next to the runtime?

You may have to copy it from \blender\2.5x\python and paste it there.

yes there is the main executable and the lib folder. i’ve tried to copy the whole lib folder from blender but it wont work…

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