Cant move my UV map

Im moving my UV map around, scaling and rotating, but the image which I imported, isn’t doing anything. it wont move around on my model. Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Check that your shader node setup is not causing this. You may have a texture coordinate node used incorrectly where something other than UV is being used.

Hi thanks for your reply.

I’m trying to understand what I have done wrong. There are 2 different UV maps for my texture nodes. One for the screen and the other for the body of the keyboard. when I choose the screen UV map no problem I can move it around. But when I choose the keyboard UV map, it wont move. Each UV map has its own shader nodes

Just looking at the screenshot, I honestly am not sure what exactly went wrong. If you could share the .blend file, I could try and play around with what you have there and see if I can fix it, but my experience and chance of figuring it out is limited.

Sure where can I upload the file for you to check out?

Hi, from your second screen shoot i can see you are missing the texture coordinates node and the mapping node.


The screen details which only have 3 nodes I don’t have a problem moving around.

It’s the main body of the synthesizer which have has the white squares and ellipse circle I cannot move around. And the nodes do have texture coordinates node and mapping node.

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When you say you can not move, do you mean in the mapping node?
there you should be able to move x,y, or scale x,y.

Is it possible that you have multiple UVmaps on the object and you havn’t selected the right one?


I only have one UV map from the drop down list

Here is the packed file:

thanks for taking a look.

looks like you got multiple objects on top of each other: cube33 seems to be the one you want. That is the one selected. If you open the file and press / or view> local view > toggle local view you will see the UVmap will control the texture press / again to leave local view. I am looking but I havn’t figured out what is on top yet.

edit: cube308 may be the other one

I can verify, you had duplicates of the main body. Cube.308 is the one connected to the UV you wanted to move, and Cube.033 was the one that would get selected, Hide and set .033 unselectable, and it works…

Just looking at this briefly, you are going to have trouble getting the decals in the right places, scaling just won’t do it…I see you were trying. You might have to restart and re-map the faces, getting rid of the triangulated sections under the knobs and such…that way you could just do a project from view and scale each section to the decal.

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Hi, i don’t have your centre circle and squares texture but the texture i have is moving and scaling.
If you go to the shading mode on the mapping node you should be able to adjust it from there,

Hey guys thanks for the helpful insight, I cant believe, that there was another object underneath that was causing this issue. Being a novice Blender user, I’d never would of thought this could be the issue, and it was driving me crazy. But I appreciate all your help, so Ill continue on with this project.

And as I understand it’s not the right method using booleans, if I am to map a texture on this mesh, it will just not be placed accordingly.