Can't move the camera in Blender 2.8 more than once - camera keeps snapping back to position

Hello! I was struggling with this forever, and I may have found a lead that will help with resolving this issue, and a possible work around/fix. I went through the bugged camera and reset just about every value I could think of, and at some point it snapped the camera to a weird scene origin that my viewport keeps getting sent back to, that displays a 3d cursor which I didn’t place there, every time I open the scene, that is correlated to a scatter object. after realizing that the camera had gone there, I deleted it from the in camera view, and it snapped my viewport origin back to the 3D cursor I had set in the scene. I then just shift+right click to make sure I had an origin set to the ground plain below where I wanted the camera, and now my camera is functioning again. I wish I could share the project file, but it’s for a fairly well known band, and I’ve signed an nda, plus packing the blend file would make it something like 10 gb with the footage and models. I hope this false origin thing I discovered leads to a solution.

This is driving me crazy. I’ve done a ton of camera animations before but now I can’t move the camera after keying it. As you can see using the grab function causes the camera to snap back in place but I can move the xyz location in the graph editor.

Below is what’s happening in a completely new document. Am I going crazy or missing something obvious?
I’m running Blender 2.93.4 LTS.