Can't move the camera in Blender 2.8 more than once - camera keeps snapping back to position

(Janneman) #1


Trying to animate the camera, but it just keeps snapping back to it’s previous position as soon as I want to set a keyframe. And instead of the camera icon moving in the viewport, there’s like a pane from the front of the camera that moves when moving the camera.
The weird thing is, I can animate the camera once after opening a file, and all works as expected. But not a second time.
Using blender 2.8 from yesterday.

I hope someone can help as it’s costing me a lot of time, and this is kind of urgent :frowning: Thanks!

(ajm) #2

Sure you don’t have auto keyframing on?

(Janneman) #3

Hmm, good point but no, auto keyframing is not turned on.

I recorded the problem:
As you can see (I’m using a camera rig in this case) I can move the camera until I set the first keyframe. After that it seems to be snapping back to that keyframe whenever I try to move it.

(ajm) #4

Seems like it has to do with the follow path modifier. Animating outside of that works fine. Hmmmm… However if you edit the motion in the graph editor it works, but there is no real time feedback in the modifier offset display. Perhaps this is something that is not quite working as it should yet, or a standing bug. I don’t think they will take a bug report about this until the beta is out.

(Janneman) #5

The same problem is there with just a plain old camera with no constraints or anything.
It’s weird! Like I said, I’m able to set keys once - just not twice … It’s like you can delete the keyframe, but they are still kinda there in the background. I’m deleting them from the timeline (which is a big improvement over the ALT+i thing from before btw). I dunno… maybe it’s just a temporary thing. Thanks for your reply!

Other than this little problem though, I’m in love with Blender 2.8. It’s so great!

(ajm) #6

This is what I got in the graph editor. When I opened it up the keyframes were flat

(Janneman) #7

Thanks, I appreciate your help.

(Janneman) #8

I am still struggling with this. Even if I delete my camera, add a new one, after setting a keyframe I can no longer move the camera. Any help with this would be appreciated.

EDIT: It seems to be fixed in the new update.
EDIT2: Nope, spoke too soon… could only set 2 keyframes the one time.