can't open a new file......?

First a Happy New Year to all of you.

Now to the problem, I have been working on a file, and no matter what i try, this file opens when i try to open a new file. This is on the other hand not exactly truth, cause in the top line where it says “Blender”, there is no file path as there normaly would be, it is very strange.
Shuting down and re-run blender dosn’t help either.
I can open another old .blend file and its working fine, but as soon as i try open new file, my old project appears again.

Any suggestions ?

Thx in advance


You accidentally saved that file as the default sartup. If you have’t already done, save your file with File -> Save. Now, go in your blender directory and look for the .b.blend file in teh .blender folder. Delete this file. The next time you open blender, the default scene will appear.

It sounds like you have accidentally saved this file as your user default settings (Ctrl U), you need to replace the .B.blend file in your home directory with a fresh copy to restore the original default scene. You could just delete everything and do Ctrl U again, but you might miss something and have extra data hanging around in files you create afterwards…

Happy New Year!