cant point camera at object

hi all, ive made a very basic model of a bar front. as i am a noob, there are a few things ive obviously done completely wrong, and i`m trying to figure out how to fix the following.

  1. the entire bar seems to be way out there in space, and i cant point a camera at it, even if i use CTRL ALT NumPad 0.

  2. ive made panels on the front of each section of the bar, but i`m not sure how to evenly space them. i tried the array modifier but they dissapeared completely.

  3. ive tried to put a wood texture on the whole thing, but it kept just showing up as grey :frowning:

as i said, i am new at this, and its a bit of a learning curve. if anyone can give any pointers, i would be very happy.

here id the blender file if anyone cares to take a look:

The model is huge. Default unit is Blender Unit (BU) and when converted to metric, 1BU = 1 meter when the unit scale is 1, so the longer side of your model is 836 meters long.

The reason it disappears from the view and doesn’t actually show in the camera view is because of clipping values. Same as in here

When the camera is set, it’s still outside its clipping end distance of 100. Also the far end of the model starts to disappear in the viewport because it often goes outside viewport clipping end value of 1000.

Scale down your model and put it on the grid. Then apply scale with ctrl+A -> scale in object mode. That’s because your mesh objects currently have unapplied object scale and it’s non-uniform so tools and modifiers won’t behave as you would expect based on what you see. Example of that here

thanks for the reply but when i try to scale the model downwith ctrl-a, i loose sight of the grid -and then i`m back to square 1.
bit frustrating, maybe i should just make the whole thing again.

You also had your view locked to cursor, maybe that has something to do with it. Properties panel (hotkey N) -> view has that option. Maybe turn that off.

No, you don’t scale anything with ctrl+A. That applies the scale you have (alt+S clears it). You could put the cursor in the middle (shift+S -> cursor at center or shift+C), set the pivot point to be 3D cursor (period key or 3d view header) and then scale (S). It should scale everything towards the center and when you’re done with it, then ctrl+A -> scale to apply the new scale.

Edit: couple of screenshots

Scaling towards the center

New scale after applying the scale and the dimensions for the active object

perfect, thanks!!
i`m beginning to understand things a bit better now.