Can't record camera movements using 3D-mouse (keyframes are not inserted)

When I select the camera, click the Record button and start an animation, keyframes are automatically inserted when I fly through the scene using my ordinary mouse - but not when I use my 3D-mouse instead.

I haven’t animated cameras for a while, so I’m afraid I’ve forgot how to do this; I just know it worked fine the last time I did it… :no:

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Okay, got it now - sort of: I had changed my keyboard shortcut, but forgot to modify my notes accordingly, so Alt+A followed by Shift F didn’t work. My equivalent shortcuts do work now as expected.

Sort of… because I still don’t understand why keyframes aren’t inserted automatically when I use my 3D-mouse to fly through the animation without pressing Shift F, when it does work with the ordinary mouse…