Can't remember how to bake normal maps with edges

I just got back to Blender after long break, now getting back and stuck with baking normals, aspecially edges, just can’t make it right. If i bake it properly - hard edges with uv splits - i get lines on edges, if i bake mesh with smooth shading on low-poly, i get better result, but edges are still visible (+ i feel that it should look different, but can’t tell how), tried different things (including baking with cage) - no luck.
Read some articles, but can’t tell what exactly am i doing wrong

Baking with hard edges (i managed to fix corner by correcting sizes, but lines are still present)

Baking with smooth shading


Turns out i was doing everything right, it’s just blender for some reason renders it wrong

Did you set the normal map image node to non-color?