Can't render a scene

I am working on a scene with some particles and stuff, but I am unable to render it. When I press Render, the scene freezes and I have to close blender forcibly. Both Cycles and Eevee cause the same problem.

System Specs:
RTX 2060 with 6GB VRAM
Intel Core i5 10400, 6 Cores, 12 Threads, 2.90GHz with Turbo Boost upto 4.30 GHz

Can anyone take a look at the screenshots and tell me, by looking at the memory usage, if this is normal?

Screenshot (165)

Your scene needs 11 to 16GB to render and you only have 8GB and you are using thousends of (?) particles… You are using your GPU wich has only 6GB…
Anyway: how much particles do you use? Tried less particles?

I got a solution on reddit actually. Forgot to update it here. The problem was, the rocks I was using had lots of subdivisions and I didn’t bother to check them as I had got them from somewhere else.