Can't Render Transparent Background


I’ve been trying to render (Blender Render) a simple scene (for the sake of simplicity, just a cube) with nothing in the background whatsoever, with the typical settings for a PNG with a transparent background, which I’ve used for a long time now.

However, for some reason, no matter which computer I use, any version of Blender beyond 2.60 will no longer give me a transparent background. I could swear that this wasn’t the case with any version before or after 2.60, but suddenly it seems it will simply not do it.

I use the exact same settings in 2.60 as I did in any of the more recent versions, and it works fine. But anything after, nope, no joy at all.

Yes, I have checked PNG and RGBA in the Output section, and I have done the same when saving my render out. This is the same process I have used for the 2 years I have been using Blender, with all versions, and yet suddenly I’m having no joy, on OSX and Windows, two separate machines.

If anybody else has come across this problem and found a solution they could share, thank you in advance.