Cant reproduce result with same materials

Hello guys!

I am trying to reproduce a procedural material that I did weeks ago, but when I try to reproduce it, it simply doesnt work. The big problem is about the displacement, it doest work the way it did in the first version.

I have tried many things like copying the original file and starting from scratch and other things.

I am attaching the file here so if anyone could take a look and make a test, I’d appreciate a lot for your time and help.


Below is the original result I achieved

planeta lava4.blend (518.8 KB)

I get this in Cycles in 2.8

and this in 2.79

They are different.

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Thanks a lot! Did you do it node by node or simply copied the node group?

I just opened the file in both 2.79 and 2.8. The only thing I did other than open them was uncheck load UI