Can't run Python scripts (already have Python installed)

I’m having trouble running scripts in the Blender Game Engine. I’ve downloaded several blend files used to demonstrate mouselook and taken(with permission) the scripts contained within. I assume I just need to paste them into the text editor and hit ‘run script’ correct? When I do this, blender responds with the error message: “Python Script fail: Look in the console for now”. Unfortunately, the console is hidden, and I don’t know how to access it. Running the scripts in their source blend files gives the same error, but the mouselook still works. The scripts were written for Blender 2.6, which is what I’m running. I have Python 2.7 installed. What am I doing wrong?

Next to Run Script try checking “register”. If that doesn’t work it might be an old script.

To view the system console , Help menu > Toggle System Console.
Blender 2.5+ comes bundled with python 3.x
The console messages may shed more light.