Can't save images files

Hi, I am using Blender 2.9.1 on Windows 10 and when I render an image, I select save as image and it says: “Could not write image: Permission denied.”

I tried running Blender as administrator, granting all permissions, create new folders and saving the file to desktop directly. This only happens with image files, animation saves it fine.

Any idea how to fix it? Thanks

Did you use a filename with other letters thand a-z and 0-9?

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I tried with Lake and Lake1 but nothing happened

Can you post a screenshot when the error message comes up. Maybe i see the cause.

Sorry for the delay, I had other business.

Here is the image: error

I guess you already checked if you have write rights at the folder manualy?
Is this windows or linux?

Yes. Windows 10

The only thing I can think of is that, since the most recent update something is wrong and I have to reinstall it (or an older version)

Can you try and post a screenshot of the “save as” dialog?

in case this also helps

I have no clue, just to make it clear, you cant save it anywhere?
Have you tried other file formats and/or disable virus scanner?
If i remember right in the past where problems with RGBA when a libary was broken. Try RGB or BW for testing.

Problem solved.
It was the virus scaner that for some reason prevents it from being saved, I tried every format and no problem now, thanks for helping and sorry for the delay

why it interferes or how to fix it, I have no idea. for now I’m going to disable it every time I have to save a file

It the problem persists call the virus scanner support. They have to and i am sure they want to fix is.
Maybe there is an option to exclude blender or the save directory.