cant see texture (GLSL)

hello guys i have a little problem as you can see in picture 1 i can see the texture
(blender mulittexture materials ).

but in picture 2 i cant see the texture (blender GLSL materials)

why is that???:confused::confused:
hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

P.S. im a noob at blender :smiley:


Has the face without the texture got a material applied to it that includes the texture?
Attach your blend to your post or other hosting site (with texture files packed into it), this makes problem solving much easier for those people wanting to help you.

i have uploaded my blend+texture


any one that can help me?

Your file looks a bit different from pictures above, but make sure you set materials with textures for those parts. To see texture in GLSL mode you have to set material and texture. UV unwraping over image in UV editor is not enough for GLSL - it is good only for non-GLSL modes.

ok thanks jawra