Can't see the vertex painted door

Hi! i vertex painted a door, when i hit V, i see it painted, when i press Alt Z and start the game engine, i see it painted, but when i execute the radiosity (leaving the door out of the process, as usual) the door is not painted!! and it looks fluorescent, why ??? i did the same with another object and it works, can’t figure what’s happening

did you forget to press free data?

otherwise, i can’t think of anything [well, if you actually had it not part of the radio calc] that could have done that

[unless the faces were set to obcolor, which I doubt]

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the problem is the Set Light.
I don’t know how to use it, if i don’t use it, the object looks too artificial, I have to put a light to make it look more real after I vertex painted it, but if I use Set Light sometimes (I don’t know why) the object looks fluo like now. How does the Set Light work??? I just put a light near and see what happens and try to move it around my object til it looks good but no it isn’t working