can't seem to be able to save an image as JPEG

:o re:JPEG image. I’m a complete NEWBiE; I can’t seem to be able to save an image as JPEG for use in another program. I get a prompt asking " save over ?" an I click save and it doesn’t show up anywhere. Could someone enlighten me as to my myopic understanding of this procedure?

In F10, Format tab you click the menu (top of the block of buttons at bottom left) and choose Jpeg. Then render, goto File >> Save Image and write in Mypic.jpg >> Enter >> Enter.


common mistake is to not put the .jpg extension on.

i don’t think blender will auto-add any file extension which most windows programs do do. so if windows doesn’t see the *.jpg then it won’t know what type of file it is, and depending on the program you are trying to load it into, it won’t show up in the file selection list.

Well ain’t that the stupidest thing ever. It will put a *.blend at the end of a rendering project but not a *.jpg after a JPEG file. A very common user mistake

Yes. It seems so very simple, with no seemingly good reason not to. Any ideas why it continues to stay this way?

My best guess is, since I have been creating programs for 10 years, is that they just never put a few lines of code in there to do it.

They could have did something like:

if SelectedButton = JPG then
Dlg_filename = UserInput & (".jpg")
elseif SelectedButton = BMP then
Dlg_filename = UserInput & (".bmp")
end if

Of course, that example is a generic piece of code of no particular language, but I think you get the drift.