Can't select bone in Weight Paint

(Viperdream) #1

My first post on these forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m a Blender noob and still trying to learn the whole thing.

So, I recently started with animation, I got the mesh + Armature.

But then, when I try to weight paint the thing, I can’t select a bone like everyone in the tutorial videos do, it selects the whole armature instead!

I have done everything: Name the bones, name the armature, insert modifier on the mesh…

But when I try to weight paint, I always get stuck.

I tried to make vertex groups manually but it animated pretty weird then (only a body part moving and not the whole mesh)

Any help would be appreciated! If you need more info, please ask :slight_smile:

(Richard Marklew) #2

Select the armature, go into pose mode then select the mesh and go into weight paint mode. You should then be able to select different bones and weightpaint.

(Viperdream) #3

Works now! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

(brokenjack) #4

Sorry to hijack this thread, but my search came up with this question, and I have a similar problem, but I still cannot select a bone in weight painting. I selected the armature>>pose mode>>selected mesh>>weight paint mode. Still cannot select bones. I’m using 2.54 r32398 for OS X. Any ideas?

(brokenjack) #5

Well on a hunch, I believe I figured it out. I’m one of the few out there who started learning blender with “left select”. When I returned the program to “right select” it worked. Is this something that should be reported, or should I just hide in shame as one of those “left select” users?

(Mike Berg) #6

This is an old thread, but it was still high in the search results when I was looking for a solution to the same problem. A friend just showed me a much better way to select a different bone while weight painting:

  1. Enter Pose Mode
  2. Select a bone in the armature
  3. Shift-select the mesh
  4. Enter Weight Paint Mode

Now you can hold control and click on a new bone to select it.

(lumpyoatmeal) #7

Still doesn’t work for me. I have blender configured for left click to select.

(lumpyoatmeal) #8

Duh, I take that back. Now it started working. Dunno why it didn’t before.


For me again it doesn’t work that way. I’m normally using left click. Right click will do the trick, but I think this really is a problem in blender at the moment.

(WallClipper) #10

The problem here is that both Select and Weight Paint are set to the same key - Left Mouse. I’ve remapped Weight Paint to use Right Mouse button and now both functions work just fine. You can remap the button by going to File -> User Preferences… -> Input, entering “Weight Paint” into the search bar and remapping that function to something else. Otherwise I don’t see how blender could differentiate between these contradicting inputs.

(Sir NoFace) #11

For those who chose different settings and simply right click does not work, try CTRL + LEFT CLICK.
or SHIFT + LEFT CLICK for multiple Bones.

That works with my settings.

(nutbunny) #12

Fresh to Blender. Encountered same problem. None of the previous suggestions worked. This suggestion of SHIFT+LEFT CLICK was the only thing that worked, and it worked beautifully. I don’t understand why though. I’ll probably figure it out with experience.

(Reginald Side) #13

This cracked it for me, using 2.79b on an old Mac. Thanks.