Can't select bones in weight painting mode in 2.8

Hi, I was following this tutorial from 2.79 in 2.8

When he talks at 14:40 about selecting the rig in pose mode, then selecting the body and changing to weigh paint, in order to select the bones (with shift) and see it’s weights directly, I can’t do the same. The moemnt when it fails is when I try selecting the object without leaving the pose mode btw.

I did a test scene in 2.79 and was able to do the the same. I tried that file in 2.8 and it allows me to do it, but the same does not apply with a rig started from a file within 2.8. Even without load UI option I can still do it, so there must be something in the 2.79 file different other than the UI.

Does anyone know what can cause this to happen?

For some reason I have the same issue, although a friend who’s also on 2.8 can do that just fine. I discovered a solution by selecting the armature in object mode, holding shift and selecting the mesh, then going into weight paint. Select each bone with Ctrl+Click

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