Can't set major radius of a torus to anything larger than 1 meter.

I am modelling in Metric mode. I added a torus in Edit mode and it will not allow me set set the Major radius to anything larger than 1 meter. If I type in a value greater than 1m, it just changes back to 1m and clicking the arrows on the size control will not increase it past 1m.

This is probably stupid, but is there some setting that I might have activated to prevent larger sizes? I’ve double checked that snapping is off, so I’m stumped.

What could I be doing wrong?

Additional info: I have the scale of the metric units set to 0.01 and this seems to be the cause, but why?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create new project
  2. Delete default cube
  3. Set scene to Metric units with scale of 0.01
  4. Add a torus

At this point the Major radius of the torus cannot be made larger than 1 meter.

More information:

If I change to metric units but do not set the scale, then the major radius of the torus is capped at 100m.

If I do not change to metric units but instead stay with Blender units, then the major radius is capped at 100bu.

This seems to be an arbitrary limit. Is there any reason for this limit?

set it to half the value of what you want, and set the minor radius also to half of what you want. or a quarter or whatever you need. then in object mode, scale it up by 2, 4, or whatever depending on how much you devided it, then CTRL + A to apply scale.

by the way, i see no reason to why you would ever need this big of a torus. i suggest you scale the whole scene down.

also, another workaround is to add a circle, and use Skin Modifier.

or add a bezier/nurbs circle, set “fill” to full, and under bevel, set resolution and debth up to give it thickness, and adjust the preview under “resolution” to adjust how many steps the circle should have. then Alt + C to convert it into a mesh if you need that.

also, i see no reason why there is a limit. a lot of values does have a limit, but you can usually manually type inn a higher value to go beyond the limit. i see no reason why this should be an exseption.

this is a primitive and this is only in the tool bar parameters!

then simply add it and go to the N panel and change the scale to whatever you want

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that would not solve his issue. that would be the same as just adding it and pressing S on the keyboard.

I just checked the API and it looks like there is a max value = 100!

now you can always file a bug report and ask that this default value should be increase
and explain the situation!

they might increase it

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I don’t really want to make one that big. Since I was working in Metric mode with a scale of 0.10, my units are in centimeters. I wanted to make a torus that was 1.5 meters in diameter but it would only allow me to enter a max of 1 meter (100 centimeters).

The reason I am working is a scale of 0.01 is that I will eventually export the mesh to .fbx for a game and the game apparently won’t import correctly if the scale is not 0.01.

Well, this apparently is not necessary. I went into \blender\2.77\scripts\startup\bl_operators\ and changed the code to allow a higher max value and it seemed to work. I don’t know if it will have any adverse effects, but I didn’t see any immediate ones.

Here’s the section of code I changed if anyone else is interested:

    major_radius = FloatProperty(
            name="Major Radius",
            description=("Radius from the origin to the "
                         "center of the cross sections"),
            min=0.01, max=<b>1000.0</b>,

not everyone knows how to modify C code for blender!

so would be better to change it for real
if there is a problem with FBX just explain it and I’m certain they can change it

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Well, it’s Python code, but I get your point. I could just make my own add-in rather than changing the system files and that would probably be better. At least then, it would still be available the next time Blender is updated.

I don’t think it’s an issue with FBX. I’m trying to learn to make mods for a game called Ark Survival which uses the Unreal engine. All of the tutorials I have found say to set the scale 0.01 in order for it to work correctly. I’m not sure why this is, maybe I’ll discover why as I continue learning.