Can't set more than 5 segments for hair

The setting can be changed up to 50. However, it’s still 5 segments.
Tried this in stable 2.69 and git. Had anyone know of last working version?
Add: Tried in 2.57b. No luck. What I’m doing wrong? I’ve just added a plane, emitter, set type to hair, count to 32 and segments to 20. When I added interpolated children and then curl kink with frequency 20, it’s still 5 segments. What I’ve missed?
Add: Usually i’m a little weird. But the mentioned problem can cause madness if it won’t be solved. To not to get mad (I’m already angry) I will draw the hair in gimp. But it’s just a workaround, and I wanted to make 4 animations of long hair in Cycles. Drawing them by hand? Then I become insane. Thanks for your help.

In the Particle Display setting increase the Steps value

Thanks, Richard Marklew, you freed me from lots of nightmares.

But there’s new. Set up just like I want, viewport was good. Clicked Render, 5 segments. Even in Blender Internal, even in 2.69 stable, as well as in Cycles and git build. In 2.69 after render the hair puffed in viewport, to fix I’ve pressed Jittered then Random. In git after render was 5 segments in viewport, the fix is No Children, then Interpolated Children. Even with the Simple Children the thing is broken. Even when I create new blend and change minimum required settings (all that was above, simple children), no luck.
Add: and when combing hair manually, 5 segments too!
Add: if not to render but quick render, all is okay.
Add: my current workaround is to convert hair to mesh.