Can't snap to grid at closest zoom level, why?

When I move the mesh outside the grid and zoom in to the closest zoom level I can’t snap it back on to the grid. I can however snap it back to the grid when I zoom out. But it will not be on the grid if I zoom back in at the closest.

How do I snap to the grid at the closest zoom level?

My view

You need to activate the absolute grid snapping button.

Thank you!

Ok, It’s still not solved. It kind of worked when I created a new project just to test. But back at my current project I have a lot of vertices in my model that just won’t snap to the grid even with absolute grid alignment turned on.

As shown in the picture below I can’t precisely move the vertices on to the grid.

This is driving me crazy! Why can’t I do that?

I give up. Probably my model and project that is too messed up.