Can't stay logged in.

I have tried clearing all the cookies, I check the “remember me” button but after I close the browser or wait long enough I have to log in again.

Which browser are you using? And on what operating system? Also, do you have any add-ons/extensions for your browser that clears sessions or cookies?

I am on Chrome Windows 7 32 bit, the only extension relating to cookies is EditThisCookie just to keep track of the cookies, but as far as I am aware, it shouldn’t interfere with the cookies without the user actually doing it.

But I’ll deactivate it and see if it does anything.

Nope still nothing.

Is it possible that you have a 3rd party software (not a browser extension… maybe anti-virus or malware prevention software) that regularly clears your cookies for you?

No, I don’t think so otherwise it would effect other websites too. This started happening with just this website after some period (around a month) of inactivity.

Hrm. In that case, I’m not sure what’s happening. I know I have the Remember Me feature enabled on a number of different machines and I’ve never been automatically logged off of the site.

Is there anyone else running into this issue?

Yes, I’ve been having this issue for about a week now. Just reproduced this issue at will. Read this post, went to google, closed firefox, opened firefox, came back here to BA and had to log in again. Yes i clicked REMEMBER ME, I always do, in and out here all day long. Did not clear cache.
Win 7 pro latest updates(last week)
Lastest firefox, no cache cleaning plugins. Plugins/extensions up to date.
Hope this helps.

UPDATE: After posting the reply above, I left this thread, went to some other sites for 15 minutes, came back to BA and had to log in again. I did not close the browser this time! REMEMBER ME is not working.
Hope this helps.

UPDATE: Chrome also does this, just tested.

I have a new issue now, when logging in for the 1st time just now(in firefox), ba states i have used my 5 tries and to wait 15 minuets to try again. But yet at top of page it states I am logged in!
I think ba has some log in issues.

Sent a email reporting that I cant log in at all. Problem seems to be fixed for now.
Web site is changing from http to https while typing this! A new one on me!!

update: still having to log in after closing browser, not being remembered as reported before.

update 2: kept browser opened, went to other sites for 15 minuets, came back to ba…had to log in again.

Anyone home?:spin:

Just wanted to say thank you to whomever fixed my log in failure.

Site is still changing from http to https(no refresh/no reload)…never seen this since the start of https…strange.

Thanks again…Bye

So does the “Remember Me” work for you now?

The https/http thing might be a clue. Try to explicitly have the site always use https and see if that helps keep you logged in.

Still having to log in, REMEMBER ME is not working on firefox and chrome.
How do I “explicitly have the site always use https”? Have no idea how to do that here at BA

Yes the http/https issue is same for me, the browser keeps telling me that the connection on this site is not secure, and other times it says that the connection is private but someone on the network can change the look.
How do you exactly make it run as https “explicitly”?

I can’t stay logged in on my phone either.

We are still waiting for an answer. According to google, this can not be done now on latest browsers!
Are we going to receive some concise information here to work with? You are the ones who run/maintain this site.
Getting to be a real pain in the ass logging in here every time coming to It’s been about 2 weeks now.
Please help!
Thank you to whom ever can help.

Chrome and Firefox have add-ons you can use to force https. For Chrome, Https Everywhere or Use Https. For Firefox, Noscript has an https option. Use Https seems to have solved the login problem for me; Chrome’s now keeping me logged in after re-opening. (Firefox seemed to be staying logged in by itself anyhow.)

Thank you very much. Use Https worked and now I don’t get logged out.

BA should do something about this http/https issue though.