Can't Stop Thinking About Blender And CGI

Does anyone one else have this “problem”? I am doing something, and then I start to think, how could I model, shade, create a effect; a pencil, the shader for a stepladder ( Painted metal, plastic? Subsurface scaterring?) etc. Is this normal?


I’m at a point in life where I visualize wireframes for pretty much everything I see :slight_smile: It’s a secret side effect of using Blender that can be either an annoyance or extremely useful. Depends on the day. Don’t even get me started on lighting and texturing :sweat_smile:


That is just it :rofl:. I look at something and start thinking how to get a good mesh topology.

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Seeing everything as polygons is especially strong of an effect in the first few years of 3D modeling.

In my case, it has faded over time now that I understand polygons intuitively enough, but now the main area where I get realism is texturing and I now rather find myself staring at all kinds of surfaces in real life instead and inspecting their textures.


I can relate to this, this is not necessarily a bad thing :smile:

“Problem” you say?

Have you tried thinking about beautiful women, lightly dressed?

You’re welcome.

But how would you model and texture the clothing? :smile:


I don’t think it is a bad thing, it just does get a bit much to try and think about completely different things while wondering how to avoid 5 edge poles.

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This will happen with anything that you spend a lot of time on.

I built cabinetry and did a lot of laminated countertops for a while. Anywhere I went with laminated surfaces, I was checking the quality of the edges and how well trimmed and filed they were.

Fun fact: most commercial cabinetry uses one of about 5 standard keys, which are readily available. I would unlock cabinets in stores just for fun. like oooh, this is where they put the broken clothes hangers! or wow! flattened cardboard boxes! haha.


I suppose so. But the thing is is that you can make anything in CGI, so everything is a countertop.

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true facts

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I reckon it’s only a problem if you never put any of those thoughts into action.

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If I may respectfully disagree, I find it quite valuable to dissect how things work and try to recreate them in Blender :slight_smile:

I fail to see how that disagrees with what I wrote. Isn’t that exactly what I suggested should be happening?

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… I’m a idiot, I completely misinterpreted your comment :man_facepalming: My apologies, it’s been a long day and my reading comprehension has suffered

Rest assured there were times I embarrassed myself in worse manners. :rofl:

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Welcome to the club. Since I started trying to create the perfect translucent shader for leaves I could never look at a tree the same way. The same happens to so many things…


…it will definitely help you to “stop thinking” about that “problem”

edit: lol… I get it now. :sweat_smile: Good one

I wouldn’t call it normal, it is a side effect of blenderolicism and I have it too. Welcome aboard!

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…and then developing “an acquired taste/interest” in everything which looks old, weathered, beaten, rusty, even moldy…

It was a running joke back in the day about texturers - “why do you have so many pictures of old, wrinkly people on your hdd?” :older_woman:

Personally, my poison is in features and proportions, when I first read about how the eyebrow to eye proportion differs from each ethnic background, I ended up staring at people’s eyes for a whole lunchtime without realizing it! :flushed: