Can't texture paint on some faces

so im trying to create some simple low poly things in edit mode (ive only sculpted til now and everything worked fine) i UV unwrapped it, connected the t.i. node to the base color and selected the image in texture paint mode, that all works well, even when i paint over the uv image, it appears on the mesh. however it doesnt work the other way around? it only paints on some faces, when i paint directly on the mesh, and not all of them. (or just very lightly even with 100% strenght)
am i missing something? is this a glitch? i tried to re-unwrap with creating different seams but the same problem occurs… anyone knows whats happening?

druidstaff.blend (664.2 KB)

try checking the normals. Some of them might be backwards.

nope doesnt seem to be the problem