Can't Unwrap In 2.9

I have a particular mesh that does not want to unwrap properly even though I gave it seams etc.

All other meshes unwrapp properly except for this one, does anyone know why?

Here’s a gif.

oh great, apperantly my gif doesn’t upload either…

Here are screens;

Unwrap mesh;

Smart UV Unwrap;

Unwrap From Smart UV Unwrap;

How do you want to unwrap? With seams or Smart UV Project? Maybe share your file:

I want to unwrap with the seams I created, here’s the file (i deleted the rest of the scene except for the troubling mesh);
TestUnwrap.blend (3.9 MB)

You’ve pinned some vertices in the UV Editor, so each time you unwrap it keeps these vertices pinned and messes up the UV. So select all in the UV Editor, press Alt P and unwrap again.

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Wow thanks dude!

I didn’t even knew that pinning was a thing, probably pressed a key I shouldn’t have.

it allows you, when you are glad about some parts of the UV, to keep it as it is and unwrap again

Ah thanks, yeah that would come in handy, as I had to re-rotate some uv island already when unwrapping again!