Cant Update GPU Driver

Hi im trying to update my gpu driver so that I can use some of these features;

  1. High quality DOFin viewport
  2. New OpenSubdiv
  3. Possible GPU rendering with split kernel
  4. General viewport speed improvements

My specs are

Toshiba satellite Satellites S75-A7221
Windows 8.0- 64-bit
Intel GPU HD 4600

When ever I Install it it denies it and says to update it manually

When I do it manually it says that it is up to date which it is not

Can someone please help!

just run a normal windows update

windows update will auto install the Microsoft version of the driver for that chip

mind you if you try to manually install a driver
windows update will likely replace it with the one from Microsoft

I Tried that doesnt work I went on a search and found a log that was made when the driver fail and it said something like “Unable to install driver because driver uses 4 id’s an the current one uses more” I cant get to the computer now but it was something like that will post later