Cant use sequence of jpg images in the camera background image.

i can ise a still foto , but i need a sequence of jpgs , im learning match moving !

anyway , when i choose sequence it says , cannot get an image , why is this ?

the sequence are jpgs.

fixed , needed to select all of them and press on the 1st one

Glad you have fixed that problem… :wink:
Are you learning matchmoving and tracking? if so, i use voodoo; do you know another tracker that works good with blender?

Icarus is another tracker that will also work with Blender.

yep , im learning , i bought synth eyes , a super good tracker for very cheap , it costed me 250 euros , is nothing compared to other matchmovers , and they say is faster and it can solve some shots others cant for 5000$

synth eyes is kinda new compared to other tracker , and it uses the power of dual cores in a lot of the processes.

i really like it. i just have to really learn to use it.

It can export to blend format or py camera?

it exports a new camera , and al the 3Dtracker points as emptyes, it can also import the meshes you used to preview the alignment,

its all an exported pythn file , you open the text window , open it , and run it with crt+p .