cant view large image in 3D view

I am trying to import an image (png) with he size 3000x1915 px into blender, using import imges as planes, however, I can not view it in the 3D view, it just shows a plane, I guess it’s because it’s to large (?), cos when I make it half he size, and import it, I can see it.

can I change any settings in blender, so I can see the picture?
can I change any setting, so that I at least can see the image in the 3d view in a lower quality
any other suggestions?


A screenshot would’ve answered these already but are you using Blender render as render engine? Do you view the plane in textured mode? Does it render (F12)?

If your computer cannot handle large image files then open in an image editor and reduce its size

Yes, the image renders fine, I’ve tried switching the render engine (blender/blender game/cycles), but this doesn’t help.
I view it in texture mode (I have no problem with small pngs)

I have to use it in this size (for zooming in during 2d animation)

ok, found a… “solution” that also shows that this must be some kind of bug:
If I first open the large png, it will, as said, only show a plane
if I then resize the file (in gimp) to a size that works in blender, and give it exactly the same filename, import that into the same blenderproject, the first, large image becomes visible…

I can then remove the smaller image, save the file, open it again, without any problem.

This seems… I dont know, but I’ll report it as a bug, and try to explain better.


I can’t reproduce that behaviour

From left:

  • 3072x2304 jpg
  • 3072x2304 png
  • 9000x6750 tiff

Linux 32-bit, tested with Blender 2.69 and 2.69.7


No guarantees…

I checked my version, and updated to the newest release, solved the problem!

Thank you all for the help!