Cantr - A true online rpg

My latest addiction:
Really interestng and worth trying out.
Basically its a mmorpg where players can actually change the game. Social structures, hierarchies, governments, currency etc are not coded in and only exist as players make them.
Play through a day or two of confusion and you’ll be hooked, tell be what y’all think.

Very innovative type. I may try it at some stage.

Did you ever get round to checking it out?

And for the lazy, a little blerb from the frontpage…

Cantr II is an online role-playing game, in which a large number of players play an even larger number of characters who all together form different societies all over our virtual world. Societies exist in different languages, whereby all language groups play in the same virtual world.
Playing always from the perspective of each individual character, you can try to play the worlds most famous politician, most feared criminal, most cunning military commander, most wealthy entrepreneur, or most beloved village idiot. Any role you can imagine you can play in this game and the challenge is in playing it consistently, and in achieving the goals you set for your characters individually.
Cantr II is a slow-paced game. Many players only play for a few minutes per character each day and one meeting can take a week to play. The game is designed for players who have more on their agenda then just gaming. However, you can start up to fifteen characters and when they are all heavily involved in their respective communities, they will give you enough to do for a full-time job as player! Be warned, many players experience Cantr II as being very addictive! :wink: Although some experience in a language is needed before one can play in that language group, the game can be used very well to practice your language skills in a second language. Just play one or two characters in a non-native language and you`ll be surrounded by people talking the language you are learning. Or you can play a character and so once in a while take a step back and observe what kind of societies you see forming, which can be very educational.

Not my cup of tea. RuneScape ftw? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough, each to their own.
I stumbled across this a few weeks back whilst searching for an rpg with ACTUAL ROLEPLAYING.
Hack n slash does have it’s place too though.